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Vanam means forest in Tamil. 4-Marriage-married Life & Children | Astrology | Marriage

Thus the Lord Shiva is called Gilivanaeshwarar meaning that the Lord Shiva in the midst of banana tree forest. Lord Shiva is also called as "Kathalivanaeshwarar". Here also the word "Kathali" refers to a banana family. Hence it is assumed that the banana trees Kathali meaning banana standing within the temple premises are considered to be the living heavenly angels.

Thus a marriage getting solemnized with a banana tree is actually a boy or girl getting married to a heavenly angel who is a virgin at the initial level. When the actual marriage that takes place with their loved ones, the Boy or Girl actually gets into a wedlock for the second time marriage with the Kathali being the first marriage. Thus their "Kalathira Dosham" gets rectified.

Let us see the methods of removing Kalathira Dosham, if a marriage is happend already in our subsquent posts.

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Sofia Khurana 24 August at Popular posts from this blog. April 28, Readers must be aware of things to be done and the things not to be done, while doing Pariharam or worshiping the Navagrahas.

suggest me remedies for manglik dhosham and v don hav rajji porutham also

DO'S 1. Do the Pariharam on the designated days, time and horas; as this would bring tremendous results. Fasting is advisable but not compulsory. But the restriction on the intake of foods that instigate the mind should be maintained.

Pariharam and sexual thoughts and actions does not travel in a parallel manner. Hence avoid the Pariharam on the day, if you had done any sexual acts after the Sunrise. Distribute prasadam that are offered to Navagarahas to everyone, if you had done puja for removing the doshas. Worshiping or doing Pujas for Navargahas without even looking at the presiding deity would deliver complete negative results.


DONT'S 1. You should not treat the Navargrahas either equal or greater than the Lor….

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Read more. July 25, Sit in your Pooja room.

ஜாதகத்தில் ராகு தரும் விஷேசப் பலன்கள் Ragu rolls in horoscope

Offer Blue color flower to the Gods. Place a vessel Possibly a tumbler made of Silver or Bronze or Copper filled with water up to the rim. Start with worship of Lord Ganesha.


Worship other Gods. In a passionate moment, Kamalam misbehaves with Murugan, which is seen by Namchivayam M. Namchivayam takes this opportunity to blackmail Kamalam and get her to do things against Murugan. The director K. Nagabhushanam who had just lost his wife, the famous actress Pasupuleti Kannamba , paid her tribute at opening of this movie.

There is a magnificent sequence of fight in the stick, the Silambam , moreover toward the end, the character of MGR , Murugan is meanly attacked from behind and gets hit on the head The music was composed by K.

Mahadevan and lyrics written by Vaali. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ramachandran B.

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Saroja Devi M. Nambiar Nagesh Music by K. Mahadevan Cinematography A.

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