December 2 2019 solar eclipse astrology

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Weather permitting , those in Europe, parts of Asia, and North-West Australia will see a partial eclipse. Is this Annular Solar Eclipse visible in Kyiv? Try our new interactive eclipse maps. Zoom in and search for accurate eclipse times and visualizations for any location. Note: The animation follows the eclipse shadow from west to east, its point of view moving around the planet at a greater speed than Earth's rotation. If you don't take into account this rapid change of perspective, it may look like Earth is spinning in the wrong direction.

The eclipse starts at one location and ends at another. The times below are actual times in UTC when the eclipse occurs. Please note that the local times for Kyiv are meant as a guideline in case you want to view the eclipse via a live webcam. The tarot card is the 3 of cups and the healing crystal will be Citrine. New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer decan 2.

New Moon Total Solar Eclipse!!!

Family values are really high, so if the partner, children or parents are supportive we can attract great success to our lives. If you are job hunting the right opportunity simply falls into your lap just when you need it. This is a very auspicious decan for the Solar Eclipse and a great one for social gatherings and family get-togethers.

There is a negative side though, we cannot take any harsh or ruthless behaviour at this time.

What Does This New Moon in Cancer Mean?

For we will feel extra-sensitive and will really need those cuddles! At this Solar Eclipse July it is not the time to use the Spartan school of disciplining, either on those we are responsible for in work or in a domestic situation. Expect tears and tantrums if you go in too heavy-handed.

Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer July 2, 2019 - Gregory Scott Astrology

The resentment that builds up after can be very bitter, with the injured party making you pay dearly for their perceived suffering. The need to be in a safe community is very important at this Solar Eclipse, as we are so sensitive to the neighbourhood vibration.

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  4. Those touched by this Solar Eclipse and Lunar types will do better in tranquil, suburban areas then frantic city centres with higher crime rates. Get out of the big smoke if you can and watch this from a mountain. Solar Eclipse In Pollux. So this star can be vengeful and destructive given half a chance. Though it seems that some sweet music and a loving embrace can work wonders.

    Again it seems that at this sensitive Solar Eclipse we will need to be treated kindly, wrapped in cotton wool, and no sharp knives!

    Table of Eclipse Dates from 1994 to 2030

    Alhena falls in the left foot of Pollux , the immortal Or bad! This star technically belongs to Cancer decan 1 but we are on the cusp here so this star falls in orb to this Solar eclipse.

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    7. Even though these crabs are so talented and skilled at getting what they want in life, they do have that soft centre and makes them surprisingly vulnerable. There can also be a tendency to self-sabotage.

      Table of Eclipse Dates from to - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

      The mix of the twins sharp minds and writing skills in sensitive, imaginative Cancer combine poetically to make great art. Eric Morse observes that when any of the Gemini stars precessed into Tropical Cancer Alhena in , Tejat Posterior in and Propus in that there was a significant flourishing of European philosophy and literature. Surprisingly in my research I found that it appears this aspect can also be tinged with tragedy. The trine goes so easily with the flow that with Neptune it can make ones ego become too easily porous and suggestible.


      The willpower of the masses are easily swayed by smoke and mirrors at this solar eclipse. It could make it hard for those touched by this eclipse to resist drugs, alcohol and temptations of escapism. Moon trine Neptune takes the fantasy element of Neptune and tries to build a utopia. There is a budding saviour quality about it and it is in tune with the common peoples hope and dreams. The nurturing side of the moon in this solar eclipse July can take on a transpersonal role in mothering the world. The tarot card associated with this decan is the 3 of cups. This is a celebratory life and suggests good karma earned, much as the trine aspect is.

      If there has been a separation or falling out between partners the Three of Cups can symbolise a happy reunion. The joy of brightest star Sirius shines through here. We must be masters of our destiny and agents of necessary change. Within the darkness of a solar eclipse we need to hold our centre and stand firm, allowing whatever occurs to penetrate us to our deepest core and speak its wisdom. We may not want to hear this particular piece of wisdom right away, of course, but the least we can do is write it down and return to it later, because we can rest assured it will be central to our lives and how we live them before too long.

      Like the obscured light of the sun, our capacity to take effective action may seem blocked at a solar eclipse, but not for want of trying! These eclipses tend to have a mind of their own, shaping events and emotions according to their own often difficult to comprehend priorities. They disrupt our malaise and act to insert new experience into our personal timeline. Events associated with solar eclipses can be shocking by nature and wholly unexpected. Just when we thought life was taking us in one direction we are turned to face a different one and must forge a new path ahead.

      Aspects of our life which we assumed were unassailable can be thrown into disarray and we must pick up the pieces, like it or not. An interesting paradox exists within every solar eclipse, for whilst they augur a time of high energy and often radical experiences, they occur at a new moon which is a time of retreat, low energy, introspection and inner illumination.

      So a solar eclipse is akin to driving a car with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake!

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      We must decide which foot to move in response to the road ahead. Do we release the break and progress at increasing speed, or do we release the accelerator and rest for a while? We can rest another time. So choose wisely when the sun is eclipsed. Despite the intense nature of a solar eclipse its fruits may take the following six months to ripen, fertilised by our energy during the two or three days either side of the actual event.

      It is therefore especially important to attend to the quality of our thoughts, emotions and behaviour at this time. A solar eclipse reminds us we are both sovereign over our life and subject to forces beyond our control. Playing our part as well as possible, with integrity, awareness and grace, ensures our power is used to the fullest and greatest effect.

      The rest we must leave to chance and embrace when it arrives! We are our own destiny, a fact which may become startlingly apparent at this time. The events of our lives, their twists and turns, challenges and triumphs, reflect our deepest essence and unique presence in this world. We are force-fields of energy and intent, interacting with the unified field of being woven through all things. The causative factors of events in our lives are many and varied, but we are the common denominator and it is through self-knowledge and self-acceptance that we can more fully live, whatever life and a solar eclipse!