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The charisma of his eyes is intensified as the pair of eyes is flanked by the bright forehead on one side and the dark whiskers streaming down his cheeks on the other. Narayan humourously says here that even a fool would look charismatic with such singularly impressive features. What are the highlights of that description?

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The astrologer has not only the traditional paste of holy ash and vermillion applied on his forehead but also wears a bright gleam in his eyes. The position of his eyes between the dazzling forehead and the streaming beard announce his trade to his clients loud and clear. The saffron-turban which he wears adds a telling effect to his overall appearance. How did the setting help in attracting his customers?

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He pursued his trade under a tamarind tree standing beside a pathway running through the Town Hall Park. Moreover, the man had interesting peddlers as his neighbours, some of whose customers would get drawn to him to know their future. A man sold medicines near him. Another peddled junk goods and stolen hardware at throw-away prices.

An Astrologer's Day

A magician would be showing sleight of hands while another would create enough interest among the passing crowd by auctioning cheap clothes. And then there was the hawker who drew a good crowd around him because of his excellent salesmanship.

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He would sell the same fried groundnuts every day but would canvass his fare in different fancy names like Bombay Ice Cream, Delhi Almond, and so on and so forth on different days. The main story centres on I think the correct preposition should be on instead of around the reason as to why the astrologer left his village.

Describe briefly how he was able to resolve the fear he had been living in since he left his village. Having been involved in a violent brawl in his village and assuming that he had human blood on his hand, our protagonist, the astrologer had to leave his native place suddenly and settled down in a town a couple of hundred miles away.

The fugitive however showed admirable common sense in choosing a vocation here which required good knowledge of human nature and the capability to sense situations correctly and these two traits he possessed in plenty. He was really good at his trade although he was as ignorant of astrology as his clients were.

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