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The beginning of Cancer season kicks off a grounding summer that'll help you feel passionate about getting centered. Neptune retrograde inspires you to reflect on how you can be of better service at work. May all your birthday wishes come true—you deserve to feel as loved and supported as you make others feel. Neptune retrograde has you refining your educational and travel plans. The full moon on Monday wants you to own your power and express your courage in a big way. And finally, Neptune retrograde helps you reassess your intimacy and sexual practices.

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Then, Cancer season on Friday begins your most social, outgoing month, and Neptune retrograde inspires a review of your relationships. The full moon on Monday makes you efficient and communicative about resolving overdue concerns. Neptune retrograde inspires a helpful spiritual practice for health benefits. Neptune retrograde fosters a refining of your creative skills and has you feeling more confident overall.

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The full moon shines from your sign, so show off your optimism, intellect, curiosity, and passion. The full moon on Monday empowers you to seek closure from the situations, places, and relationships that don't serve you. Cancer season welcomes new romantic opportunities or a deepening or transitioning of current ones, and Neptune retrograde helps you communicate less literally and more soulfully.

Finally, Neptune retrograde heals your relationships with your values and financial security. The start of Cancer season on Friday gives you a boost of confidence, joy, and creativity, particularly when it comes to self-love and care.

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And Neptune retrograde strengthens your intuition, compassion, and healing skills. Type keyword s to search.

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And then on Saturday, Venus enters Gemini, making smart, articulate, and mischievous types appear particularly attractive. A New Moon in your thinking and speaking sector on Monday inspires you to practice adaptability and detachment. On Saturday, Venus changes signs, making your heart race for intelligent suitors. Keep your thoughts positive all day!

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Your thinking and speaking skills get a major boost when Mercury changes signs on Tuesday. Your year begins on Monday with the New Moon in your sign.

Set intentions for your wildest dreams, then get to manifesting! Is financial security on the brain?

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Mercury moves into your sign on Tuesday, giving you strategies and words to bring about closure. A New Moon on Monday helps you take the lead when it comes to friendships, connections, and community—think about your intentions in those areas.

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Combine the best of both. A New Moon in your travel and education zone on Monday is listening to your intentions on life expansion—dream big, live big! Mercury joins your career zone on Tuesday, giving you a boost of intelligence and eloquence on the job. Finally, on Saturday, Venus lights up your expansion zone, helping you feel super optimistic. Mercury enters your optimism sector on Tuesday, helping you prioritize education and travel, and Venus moves into your sexuality sector on Saturday, making you irresistible to suitors. Mercury enters your intimacy zone on Tuesday, helping you understand relationship dynamics more truthfully and with sex appeal.

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A New Moon on Monday manifests your intentions for wellness, organization, and personal growth.