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The desire to act fuses with the hunger for a meaningful life. This is intense, obsessive, driving, and with Mars involved, impatient. Mars conjuncting Pluto is sort of like a red hot fire combining with a dark, internal fire.

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Very powerful. Mars conjunct Pluto - very strong, intense placement. Gives a lot of stamina. Big drive. Determined, committed. Great intuition and ability to get at the core of a problem. Great at finding solutions, probably good placement for a detective to have. May have problem with accepting authority. Sensitive to power-plays. The amount of energy and passion this person have can be easily mistaken for aggression and anger. May have problem with accepting own vulnerability. Venus conjunct Pluto - strong, sexual aura.

Magnetic persona. Very intense. Relationships also tend to be very intense. Attractive but may have a problem with seeing it in yourself and accepting this part of yourself. Crave intimacy but may reject it in fear of showing vulnerability. Definetely a placement that can make someone a famme fatale.

Relationships with others are very transformative. Can be very possesive of others. May enjoy darker themes in art. Planets in the fall are said to lose some of its strength, making this placement weaker contrary to exaltation. Every placement in astrology can be expressed good or bad; in some cases you need to put up a little bit more work. Outsiders would be surprised to learn just how much self-control Mars-Pluto can have. It takes self-control to cope with the powerful impulses that Mars-Pluto creates. Their instincts no longer control them, they control their instincts.

The ability to keep anger in check is not a result of denying or repressing instinctual urges. They have to wrestle with inner monsters and accept that these monsters are part of their makeup- not something outside, and not something that will go away. Mars-Pluto has more in common with animals and beasts than they may care to accept. Mars-Pluto aspects are similar to the Strength card of the tarot. The essence of both is the need to reign in and gain mastery over passionate urges while resisting the temptation to crush them altogether.

Giving instincts expression, but not allowing those instincts to run wild, is the goal. With Mars-Pluto the heat builds up inside like a pressure cooker. Mars-Pluto people need a way to release pressure on a regular basis or they will explode. The cause can be buried rage or unaddressed anger popular choices but really, anything can trigger this aspect. Pluto wants that something to be consuming. The best solution would be something like a controlled burn. Some Mars-Pluto people are unaware that they have this energy. They are oblivious to how overpowering, smothering, and overbearing, bullying or just plain rude they can be.

They need to control their energy by choosing when, and how, to apply exactly the right amount of pressure and force to any given situation or activity: never overdoing it and never under-doing it. There is power in taking action: applying energy and force makes things happen. Bruce Lee had a Mars-Pluto square; he exemplifies using controlled force. Mars-Pluto people have to take their excess energy and put it to use.

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They have to do something with their energy. If they sit on it, they can become abusive, resentful, destructive and bitter.

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The best remedy is to find something that they are passionate about and immerse themselves in doing that thing. Been reading everything I can on all my Pluto contacts.. And my temper.. But to harness it and accept that even if I do express myself in an intense way..

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Good or mother fucking bad. And my intense brooding, angry side comes out! Sooo hard balancing assertion and aggression verbally. I want to know every demon I find there intimately, to romance them, to let them speak, and to set them free. I have all this power at my disposal, but I live ill at ease because of it. And while I can see very clearly that I am merely being controlled by this demon who tells me I will hurt someone, who tricks me into feeling I have say in how the universe flows how laughable , I know how much damage other demons have caused me when they could no longer be ignored, but were not yet properly harnessed.

Lord knows how many years of my life were spent at their heartless mercy…but then again, those are the words of someone who has underestimated the strength of others for far too long. The truth is I study demons because they hurt me, and I do not take action because am loathe to do to others what they do to me…which, in the end, makes me a coward for still resisting pain after this long. At this time I am still not a creature of moderation.

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My time goes to the demons, to the psyche of mankind. In my mind, in my relationships, in almost every waking hour, I study them and contemplate their nature…they are my favorite, and perhaps at times only, hobby. What is their function and why do we have them? What are their motivations, how do they drive us, and how can they be tamed? Respectfully defeated? How they can be used to propel us to a place of love and acceptance of all things?

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Demons have such potential to be used when the tables are turned back on them…one really cannot be more grateful for them. My beloved little nightmares…ahhh…I simply cannot get enough of them. Hey there!! Mars is the planet of drive. Pluto is an extreme energy, so a Mars-Pluto person can fall on either radical end of the spectrum, as far as how they tackle things in life.

Mars-Pluto people can be either some of the most repressed or the most empowered people around, depending on their self-awareness and their relationship to this inner power. The bestial quality of Mars-Pluto makes itself known as soon as childhood. Plutonians are highly intense their whole lives, but this quality is what makes them so misunderstood while children. Kids live totally on their impulses, not inhibiting themselves whatsoever.

Therefore, a Plutonian child will express this very powerful energy with total freedom and unself-consciousness. Conjunctions, oppositions, and trines are best. Intermediate and advanced students of Astrology might enjoy our article, SoulMate Astrology. Be sure to find out your personal astrology data online, at no cost.

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