January 8 2020 astrology grand sextile

Things may ease from that moment. A 'lighter' atmosphere prevails dissipating the astrological trauma of the night before. However Mercury still continues to build to his opposition with Saturn which peaks tomorrow. A subtle receptivity now starts to pervade our spirits leaving us a little more open to new impressions. Venus applies in conjunction to Uranus in Pisces, reaching him on Feb.. Some shocks and surprises may well be in store for us at that time.

That aspect I guess is the major event of her residence in Pisces. Mercury opposition Saturn GMT. This day throws up serious thought forms and circumstances. The procession to another Full Moon begins in earnest from this moment. This Full Moon will dominate the working week ahead. The climax of this powerful lunation cycle is early on Friday.

Officials in Iraq say at least militants were killed on Sunday during clashes with US-backed Iraqi troops ahead of a major Shia Muslim festival. As scientists meet for crucial climate talks in Paris, new data shows glaciers are shrinking ever faster. Today the waxing but decelerating gibbous Moon in Cancer makes a watery trine aspect with Uranus at GMT and becomes void of course for the remainder of this calendar month!

Pressure of 'experience and event' will increase all week. From today Mercury currently traveling through late Aquarius enters territory which he will have to cover two more times because of his retrograde motion starting on February 14th. At least 40 people died yesterday in attacks across Iraq at the climax of the Shia Muslim religious festival of Ashura. The first all-female unit of United Nations peace keepers, from India, arrived in Liberia to help train local police.

Archaeologists say they have found a huge ancient settlement used by the people who built Stonehenge. The skeletal remains of human "Hobbits" found in Indonesia belong to a new branch of our family tree, a study says. Mercury in Aquarius and Venus in Pisces pictured above are actually at their closest in the zodiac on Feb. Mercury turns retrograde on Feb. He will try again in June to meet up with her to no avail. He finally catches up with her in August. Today the decelerating and waxing gibbous Moon remains void of course all day in Cancer.

Heavy emotional undercurrents are possible today. Care in the community is to the fore. General intensifying humdrum abounds. February This month is astrologically 'reasonably quiet'. Once we have passed the powerful Candlemass Full Moon on Feb. The Moon on Saturday March 3rd will undergo a Total Eclipse visible from Europe , and Neptune and Saturn form the second of their current difficult oppositions on Feb. Mercury slows down in Pisces and turns retrograde on Feb. He retrogrades into Aquarius on the last but one day of the month. Yesterday Venezuela's assembly approved giving President Hugo Chavez new powers to "transform the country".

A Lagos woman was the first person in Nigeria to have died with the deadly H5N1 strain of avian flu. At least 30 suspected Taleban fighters have been killed in a ground and air attack by Nato-led forces in southern Afghanistan, local police said. Universal extroversion abounds. A high day. Climatic energy as the power of this Full Moon reaches its crescendo. This Full Moon is trine Jupiter and conjunct Saturn, she forms a dangerous and fairly tight 'finger of fate' picture with Mars and Uranus. Mars rises at Madrid.

Jupiter sets at Hong Kong. With the passing of this Full Moon we enter another eclipse season. Today's lunation is the ultimate before the Total Lunar Eclipse on March 3rd The Full Moon aligns to Saturn 0. This is an occultation from arctic latitudes. This is 3rd of the current monthly series of 12 Lunar occultations of Saturn. Human activity is likely to increase global temperatures by 1.

Sporadic gun battles continue in Gaza between the rival Hamas and Fatah factions, despite a renewed truce. Rescuers in Florida search for survivors after storms and a tornado kill at least 19 people in the US state. All Italian matches are called off indefinitely after a policeman is killed during violence at the Catania-Palermo derby. Up to , birds may be culled as experts try to identify which strain of bird flu killed 2, turkeys in Suffolk.

This is the 2nd of 20 monthly lunar occultations of this star. A challenging day is forecast. A Full Moon, two near occultations of Saturn, Regulus and the star Rho Leo over the last 48 hours and the major UK news Government is that vets have been working through the night at a poultry farm in Suffolk to contain an outbreak of the deadly H5N1 Asian strain of bird flu. A cull of nearly , turkeys has begun at the plant near Lowestoft. Also in the wake of this powerful Full Moon Iraq's PM has vowed to put an end to attacks like Saturday's deadly truck bombing in Baghdad, which he blamed on followers of ex-leader Saddam Hussein.

The vehicle blew up in the mainly Shia al-Sadriya district in central Baghdad, killing more than people and injuring at least Torrential rain in Indonesia's capital Jakarta worsens flooding, leaving nine people dead and , homeless. Terrorism, global warming and pandemics hit the headlines.

Saturn is applying in his square to Neptune. The two most important astrological events this week are 1 the close conjunction of Venus and Uranus in Pisces on Wednesday. This one adds a touch of astrological electricity to the week. Sudden affections in personal affairs, and unlooked-for ripples in the world of finance are possible manifestations, and 2 the Sun aligning to the current Neptune Saturn opposition.

The Sun is conjunct Neptune on Thursday. This one is more serious. The slow moving, decelerating and waning Moon in Virgo today makes a solitary square to Pluto at GMT and is void from that moment. Generally bad news ensued yesterday. Floodwaters have forced more than , Jakarta residents from their homes, as the death toll from the natural disaster climbed to 25 Monday, according to the capital's flood crisis center.

Russia and Japan banned British poultry imports as Britain pressed ahead with a cull of , turkeys after the nation's first outbreak of a deadly strain of bird flu in farmed poultry. Workers wearing white protective suits, black gloves and masks loaded the turkeys into crates to be gassed following the discovery of the highly pathogenic H5N1 strain of avian flu on a farm at Holton in eastern England run by Europe's largest turkey producer, Bernard Matthews. The Sun and Moon together with Neptune are now both in air signs. After the rather 'matter of fact empiricism' of the last two days communication and social events are now favored.

Venus is closing on her alignment with Uranus, tightest tomorrow. We are in the 'foothills' of an eclipse season. There is a total lunar eclipse 3 weeks on Saturday and a partial solar eclipse on March 19th. Eclipse seasons herald changes and adjustments. The biggest science facility to be built in the UK for 30 years - the Diamond Light Source synchrotron - yesterday opened its doors for business.

The vast machine, which covers the area of five football pitches, generates intense light beams to probe matter down to the molecular and atomic scale. When the sun sets tonight, go outside and look west. You'll see Venus and Mercury beaming through the glow of sunset. This is a great week to enjoy the two planets together. Mercury reaches its maximum elongation apparent distance from the sun on Feb.

He finally catches up with her in the evening skies of August. Today the very slow moving Moon lazes in Libra reaching apogee slowest all month GMT and then starts to accelerate towards an occultation of the fixed star Spica which occurs tomorrow. Venus aligns to Uranus 0. Stimulating eccentricities, shocks and surprises are on the cards. Interesting developments in the field of human relationships are most probable. The whole emphasis today is on 'relationships and communication'.

Once the alignment is over Venus moves on to square Jupiter on Friday. Stimulation and surprise moves on to excess and indulgence. Heavy snow falls are forecast for us here. Power outages and interruptions to The Daze may be a consequence. Over the next three days the Sun 'hooks into' the current building Saturn Neptune opposition firstly by being in conjunction to Neptune today and then opposing Saturn on Saturday. The Moon squares the opposition on Saturday morning. All in all this is a challenging few days. Rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah yesterday agreed to form a national unity government.

The first day of six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear programme ended with signs of progress from diplomats. Mozambique's army has been ordered to evict some 2, people who refuse to leave their homes despite the floods. Scientists have captured a beam of light and make it reappear elsewhere, potentially leading to advances in computing. Today the slow moving Moon wanes and accelerates towards fixed last quarter phase in Scorpio. Saturn is opposite the Sun GMT. This month is the last time for several years that Saturn will be as bright as magnitude 0. His astrological horoscope no birth time available in the astrological community is shown below.

The Daze will examine his birth date in the future. In the meantime see below. Astrotheme web site. Russia's president yesterday said that America's "almost uncontained" use of force is fueling a nuclear arms race.


Security forces in Guinea yesterday killed at least seven people protesting against the president's choice of PM. State of the skies:- Today the Sun is at 22 degrees Aquarius. We are 38 days from the vernal equinox. The waning and accelerating Moon now past last quarter enters Sagittarius GMT joining Jupiter and Pluto in that sign for a couple of days. Mercury, Venus and Uranus are currently in Pisces. Mercury is slowing down and turns retrograde on Wednesday. Venus in Pisces is sextile Mars in Capricorn on Tuesday. Iran's President Ahmadinejad Scorpio Sun sign yesterday warned the US that any attack on his country will be "severely punished".

At least 76 people were killed in a series of bomb attacks in market areas of the Iraqi capital Baghdad. Inflation hit a record annual rate of 1, After three hours of a 'void of course' state she enters Capricorn GMT. Mercury is about to turn retrograde, plans and projects will correspondingly change direction. Iraq will close its borders with Iran and Syria for up to three days as part of its new security plan for Baghdad. Two bombs exploded minutes apart near the Lebanese capital, killing three people and wounding 20 others.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has insisted that Tehran is open to talks on its nuclear programme. Sorry about the error with the timing of the lunar ingress into Capricorn yesterday. Caught myself out! In early dawn Wednesday morning, look low in the southeast to find the waning crescent Moon. Binoculars will help. The red planet is still in the early stages of an apparition that will bring it to a bright opposition in the evening sky next December.

As each day now passes we are getting deeper into an eclipse season. Yesterday seemingly a Moon in Capricorn 'low news day', European lawmakers condemned member states which turned a blind eye to secret CIA prisoner flights. She sextile Venus GMT and is void from that moment for 13 hours. From that moment the astrological lunar energy after a rather tough going day changes to the chic and the impersonal.

The old but fast moving Moon 'burns out' in Aquarius and makes no major aspects today. All astrological energy is geared now to the New Moon tomorrow and the Total Lunar Eclipse which follows two weeks after. The new Moon is quintile Jupiter and sextile Pluto. Saturn is opposite Neptune. Venus is applying in square aspect to Pluto.

Jupiter squares Uranus. Mercury is retrograde. The astrological energy associated with this New Moon is potentially visionary and inspiring. It is wise to bear in mind Mercury's retrograde motion, and the forthcoming eclipse and refrain from major undertakings and new ventures. Rather this is a time of mediation on what now is and what may be at hand. Saturn rises and Neptune set over the eastern part of the UK, and Paris.

Neptune straddles the prime vertical of La Paz and Caracus. Jupiter is on the local IC of Baghdad. The Moon is void from the moment of fullness. We are now deeply into an eclipse season with a powerful Total Lunar Eclipse due in two weeks time. The New Moon in tropical Aquarius yesterday occurred as people across China are celebrating the arrival of the Lunar New Year - China's most important festival which is seen as particularly auspicious this year.

The year of the pig is supposed to bring good luck and prosperity. But this time it is a golden pig year, which happens once in six decades. Four people, including three teenagers, have been killed in London this month. The teenagers were all shot dead in south London - two of them in their own homes. And on Saturday, a year-old man was shot dead in Hackney, east London, while three men are in hospital after being shot in two separate attacks in the Moss Side and Longsight areas of Manchester.

The US-led coalition says one of its helicopters has crashed in south-east Afghanistan after reporting engine failure. A Nasa mission to study the phenomenon known as the northern lights blasts off from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The slender infant crescent Moon occults Uranus visible telescopically at moon set from the UK around to The occultation starts with Uranus being occulted by the dark edge of the tiny moon at only 6 degrees of altitude mid UK.

A moment to savor. It ends a few minutes after Moon set. Nova Scorpii wasn't a big deal when two Japanese nova hunters, Yuji Nakamura and Yukio Sakurai, independently discovered it at 9th magnitude on February 4th. But that was then and this is now. The nova has brightened all the way to about magnitude 4.

That puts it in fairly easy naked-eye view if you don't have a too-badly light-polluted sky. Binoculars will show it very well from anywhere. Survivors and witnesses have described the horrific scenes which followed two explosions on an Indian passenger train early Monday that killed at least 67 people. India and Pakistan say the train bombing will not disrupt their peace process. On Sunday more than 60 people have been killed and injured in three car bombs in Shia districts of the Iraqi capital Baghdad. Yesterday a number of bombings and mortar attacks in Iraq have left more than 20 people dead and many wounded.

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The violence comes despite an intensified security operation in the capital, Baghdad, and across Iraq. Astronomers are monitoring an asteroid named Apophis, which has a 1 in 45, chance of striking Earth on April 13, Although the odds of an impact by this particular asteroid are low, a recent congressional mandate for NASA to upgrade its tracking of near-Earth asteroids is expected to uncover hundreds, if not thousands of threatening space rocks in the near future, former astronaut Rusty Schweickart said.

Iran's president yesterday rejected calls to suspend uranium enrichment, a day before a UN deadline runs out. A tanker carrying chlorine gas exploded on Tuesday morning outside a restaurant in the Iraqi town of Taji, killing at least six people, an Interior Ministry official said. At least other people were either injured by the blast or poisoned by the fumes. Venus will be in Aries on her own until March 17th when she enters Taurus.

Venus in Aries invokes love at first sight, love impulses and passion. The most important time of her residency in Aries is the period from March 6th when she forms a fiery grand trine a love triangle! Today the crescent Moon waxing towards total lunar eclipse now 10 days away trines Pluto and becomes void of course from that moment. We are deeply in an eclipse season right now. Mercury is retrograde and approaching inferior conjunction on Friday.

This time is special. It is a period of waiting, and watching. It is a time to open to the new impulses but not to start new major projects. The decelerating waxing moon makes benevolent aspects from Taurus today. The astrological atmosphere today is passive, solid, 'rooty', submissive and subliminal.

Iran has boosted its nuclear research, defying the latest UN deadline to halt the work. Tension is rising it now seems. Chimpanzees have been observed making and using wooden spears to hunt other primates. A laser developed for military use is close to hitting a power threshold necessary to turn it into a battlefield weapon. A tropical cyclone has struck central Mozambique with strong winds destroying houses and uprooting trees and pylons. A deep 'conception moment' of the mind, a 'New Mercury' is underway. New ideas and plans may surface into consciousness over the next few days and weeks.

She enters Gemini GMT and starts to make difficult aspects whilst in that sign over the next two and a half days. State of the sky:- The Sun today is at 5 degrees Pisces. There are 25 days to the vernal equinox. The waxing and decelerating Moon in Gemini squares the Sun and Uranus today.

She is now one week from a Total Lunar Eclipse. We are currently deep in an eclipse season with next weekend's Total Lunar Eclipse being followed by a partial eclipse of the Sun occurring on March 19th. Mercury is now a 'morning star' in Pisces, rising ahead of the Sun but still in retrograde motion. Today has a similar 'feel' to it as yesterday. Restlessness and movement are on the cards. Iran insists it will continue its controversial nuclear programme, ahead of UN talks on possible new sanctions.

A combination of rocket and bomb attacks -- the worst taking place at the entrance to a university yesterday killed more than 50 people and wounded dozens of others in Iraq. Mars enters Aquarius GMT. Mars in Aquarius brings out the independent streak in us all. This is a time now to do your own thing. The most significant and important time of his residence in this sign is when he hooks up with the current Saturn Neptune opposition between the 22nd and the 26th March.

Scorpio Monthly Astrology Forecast January 2018

Mars leaves Aquarius on April 6th. At the current time then as Mars finds his feet in Aquarius Venus continues with her 'hot love' in Aries. This is a heady mixture of animus and anima energies and does indicate an exciting period for human relationships. The Sun and Moon are then both in water signs, with Mercury and Uranus.

The 'astrological energy' today is essentially emotional. Pressures will be on the increase as we draw towards Saturday's Total Lunar Eclipse. The UN's top court yesterday cleared Serbia of genocide in the s Bosnia war but says it failed to prevent the Srebrenica massacre. At least three French nationals are shot dead in Saudi Arabia in what police regard as a terrorist attack.

The main news in the UK yesterday was the report that a set of points near the site of the Cumbria train crash was defective and caused a Virgin London to Glasgow service to crash at Grayrigg, near Kendal, on Friday February 23rd at GMT, at about 95 mph. Today Mercury retrogrades into Aquarius GMT and will reside in that sign for only 20 strange days. Mars and Neptune are already in that sign. Take care not to make your mind up about important decisions during this period, wait at least until Mercury turns direct in motion on March 8th, or better still until the current eclipse season is over, towards the end of March.

The Moon, four days from her Total Eclipse and three days from occultations with Saturn and Regulus is today trine Uranus and becomes void of course at GMT for an unwieldy 29 hours. The immediate days ahead are important and full of astrological energy. Today is odd, a strange lull before the storm. The probe is heading outward at 43, miles per hour, and it'll get an additional 9,mph boost when it encounters Jupiter today February 28th. The final phase and procession towards Saturday's amazing Total Lunar Eclipse begins in earnest.

The energy is resplendent and powerful. She starts to draw towards Saturn and will occult this planet as viewed from the UK in the early hours of Friday morning. March In contrast to February , March is astrologically dynamic. As the month starts Saturn is opposite Neptune, the second of the three blasts of this 'sinister' alignment and this opposition forms the planetary 'backbone' of many planetary pictures during the month.

As the month starts we are deeply into an eclipse season being on the verge of a huge Total Lunar Eclipse in Virgo which occurs on Saturday 3rd. The Moon occults Saturn and Regulus on the day before this eclipse. Jupiter is in fiery trine aspect to Saturn, exact on 16th. Venus joins them to form a fiery grand trine and kite from 5th to 12th, peaking on the 9th.

The Solar Eclipse on 19th is harshly placed squaring Pluto. The vernal equinox dominated with Mars drawing to the Saturn Neptune opposition occurs two days later. Mars in Aquarius is applying to Neptune, reaching the 'old mystic' on the 25th having opposed Saturn 3 days earlier. What a week it has been as the Moon has waxed towards Total Lunar Eclipse on Saturday March 3rd and Saturn has been exactly opposite Neptune in the second of three of this 'sinister' aspect.

During the long lunar void of course period on Tuesday and Wednesday stock markets around the world were wobbling in response to human insecurity and lack of confidence. A drop in US markets yesterday, Thursday, pushed global markets lower for a third day, fanning fears of a sustained sell-off. This is an occultation from the UK, and northern Europe. This is 4th of the current monthly series of 12 Lunar Occultations of Saturn. This is the 3rd of 20 monthly lunar occultations of this star. A warm welcome to theDaze on this special day. Please visit again! Total Lunar Eclipse.

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The Astronomy. The first of two total lunar eclipses in is unique in that it is partly visible from every continent around the world. The eclipse occurs at the descending node, 3. The Moon's orbital trajectory takes it through the northern half of Earth's umbral shadow. Although the eclipse is not central, the total phase still lasts 73 minutes. The timings of the major phases of the eclipse are listed below.

At the instant of greatest eclipse UT the Moon will lie in the zenith for observers in Nigeria and Cameroon. At this time, the umbral magnitude peaks at 1. In contrast, the Moon's northern limb will lie 6. Thus the northern sections of the Moon will appear much brighter than the southern part, which lies deeper in the shadow. Since the Moon samples a large range of umbral depths during totality, its appearance will change dramatically with time. It is not possible to predict the exact brightness distribution in the umbra.

The entire event will be visible from Europe, Africa and western Asia. In eastern Asia, moonset occurs during various stages of the eclipse. For example, the Moon sets while in total eclipse from central China and Southeast Asia. Western Australia catches part of the initial partial phases but the Moon sets before totality. Observers in eastern North and South America will find the Moon already partially or totality eclipsed at moonrise. From western North America, only the final penumbral phases are visible.

The Astrology. It is Moonrise over Peru, Equador, Columbia and. Panama where Uranus sets and Jupiter reaches lower culmination. The eclipsed Moon is opposite Uranus. A highly charged atmosphere of potential sudden shocks and surprises may be evident. The Saros. Today's eclipse is number 52 of 73 in lunar saros series This series lasts for years. The first eclipse in this saros occurred on August 16th AD. Central eclipse moment for that first eclipse was The chart set at London for this first eclipse is shown below. This Saros has an eminently positive and constructive vibration about it.

Mars, Mercury and Saturn are in Earthy grand trine. That moment so long ago saw Jupiter exactly aligned to Jerusalem and Tokyo. Today's eclipse is the 4th from last of 25 Total eclipses in the saros series. The last five eclipses were on Feb. The next one will be on March 14th Having lived through the previous two eclipse family members of this series I can personally recall the essential 'motivation to cause practical changes for the better' nature of the saros.

This is a momentous eclipse. Although its essential nature is constructive and purposeful the energy released at such a time can be unwieldy. Expect important developments. In almost manic post eclipse trauma the Full Moon wanes and decelerates, applying in a long slow square aspect to Pluto all day.

Very much a day to dab the wounds. In the run up to Saturday's total lunar eclipse we experienced world stock market falls on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and a spate of typhoons in the southern US states early Friday. On Saturday before the eclipse the main UK news was the kidnapping of several British tourists in Ethiopia.

State of the skies:- At the end of today GMT we are half way through the astrological month of Pisces. We are now in immersed in deepest eclipse season straddled in time between Saturday's total lunar eclipse and the partial solar eclipse of the Sun on March 19th.

She enters Libra GMT. A grand trine and 'planetary kite' in fire signs involving Venus in Aries , Jupiter in Sagittarius and the Saturn in Leo opposition to Neptune in Sagittarius is beginning to bite and build. The climax to this planetary picture is on the 9th March but the picture holds sway over the next week. This is a 'hot bed' and 'seeding ground' for new human relationships. Go with it! The coppery eclipsed moon on Saturday night was clearly visible across much of Britain. Taking stock of world events in the wake of Saturday's Total Lunar Eclipse the following news stories dominate the stage.

Nine Afghan civilians have been reported killed in US bombing, hours after President Karzai condemned earlier deaths. A search party looking for five missing Britons in northern Ethiopia has found three damaged vehicles. Global markets have endured another session of heavy losses Monday, following Japan's Nikkei index which fell for a fifth day in a row in reaction to the strengthening value of the yen, wiping 8. Police closed several major Toronto streets Monday after huge slabs of ice started skidding off skyscrapers in the city's downtown core.

Today the Moon very slowly wanes in Libra. Venus forms a fiery grand trine a love triangle! This is potentially an important time for human relationships. Yesterday up to 90 Shia pilgrims were killed and dozens were wounded in a double suicide bombing in central Iraq. A powerful earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Sumatra, flattening hundreds of buildings and killing at least 70 people. The 6. China will launch its first unmanned mission to the Moon later this year, a senior space official has confirmed. Moon apogee slowest all month GMT. Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are currently in 'fiery grand trine' relationship, forming an equilateral triangle in the skies of earth.

Constructive and creative potentials especially in relationships are to the fore. Mercury is almost apparently stationary in late Aquarius turning direct tomorrow. Things will 'pick up' and get moving again soon.


Yesterday a suicide bomber killed more than 30 people in an attack on a cafe in a town north-east of Baghdad. Investigators arrive to examine the wreckage of a jet which crash-landed in Indonesia, killing 22 people. A giant space rock whizzed past the Earth on Monday under the close scrutiny of astronomers. The mountain-sized object had been classed as a "potentially hazardous asteroid", but scientists said it posed no danger to Earth.

January 26th Birthday Horoscope

The asteroid XP14, as it is has been designated, was visible through good amateur telescopes. At this time calculations suggested it was about ,km , miles from the Earth, only 1. Today the very slow moving but now accelerating Moon reaches disseminating phase 2 degrees Scorpio GMT. The Sun, the Moon together with Neptune are now in water signs. There is an essentially emotional basis to the 'astrological weather' today and tomorrow.

Both planets form a fiery Grand Trine and 'planetary kite' with Saturn and Neptune over the next few days. These are important and powerful days for relationships, best described as constructive, expansive and magical. The Sun is about to form a waxing square aspect with Jupiter, this adds a hue of 'excess' to the experiences. Care as always is advised!

The kite planetary picture manifesting in the skies of Earth over these three days involving Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus is now at maximum strength. From this time the Sun and the Moon together with Jupiter and Uranus are in mutable signs. Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai was arrested yesterday along with several colleagues as they tried to hold a rally. Two bomb attacks in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, left at least 29 people dead, among them a group of Shia pilgrims. People from Scandinavia to Alaska should be alert for auroras on March 13th and 14th. A solar wind stream is expected to hit Earth, possibly causing geomagnetic storms at high latitudes.

For the third day in a row, the eastern limb of the sun is putting on a fantastic display. State of the skies:- The Sun is today at 21 degrees Pisces. There are 9 days to the vernal equinox. She enters Capricorn GMT. Mercury is a 'morning star' in late Aquarius. He is starting to pick up speed after his recent retrograde motion but is still slow. He will return into Pisces on Sunday. Mars continues to apply in conjunction with Neptune in Aquarius.

Nine degrees separate the pair today. They are conjunct on March 25th. As this conjunction approaches expect a heady rush of adrenaline and glamour. Jupiter is in the process of making a waxing fiery trine aspect to Saturn offering the prospect spirited and constructive enterprises at the time. The week ahead is astrologically quiet. The days lead to the solar eclipse. That is our fate. The Moon in Capricorn accelerating towards Solar Eclipse in six day's time makes no aspects today. Zimbabwe's opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai was yesterday taken to hospital after appearing in court with cuts and bruises following two days in police detention.

He was taken from Harare magistrates court with several other activists, many of them bandaged. They were badly beaten in custody after being detained at an opposition rally on Sunday, supporters said. One person was shot dead as riot police broke up the meeting, called to pray for the political and economic crisis. A group of British embassy workers were released "in good health" 12 days after being kidnapped in Ethiopia. We are now 5 days from a partial solar eclipse.

Today is similar to yesterday. Achievement comes from effort. Yesterday Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said his beating by police should be an inspiration for the struggle. Wall Street followed a stocks sell-off in Europe as concerns about the US economy and mortgage industry continue to reverberate. London's FTSE index slumped French and German markets were also hit. Four days remain to the partial solar eclipse. Six planets are now amassed in Aquarius and Pisces. The astrological energy is visionary and prophetic. Thoughts and dreams are attuned to the future.

The advice given here is 'wait and see'. Zimbabwe's President Mugabe said on Thursday that critics of his rule can "go hang", in response to accusations of beatings. Ambassadors from six major powers announced an agreement on Thursday to impose new sanctions on Iran for its nuclear programs and sent the text to the nation U. Security Council for a vote. Clouded leopards found on Sumatra and Borneo represent a new species, research by genetic scientists and the conservation group WWF indicates. Nasa's Cassini probe has found evidence for seas, probably filled with liquid hydrocarbons, at the high northern latitudes of Saturn's moon Titan.

A global geological map of the Jovian moon Europa is helping scientists understand the history of the icy moon. During the following three days leading up to a partial eclipse of the Sun at 28 degrees Pisces there will be a 'barrel load' of astrological events. Follow the progress of the old but fast moving Moon as she make close conjunctions with Mars, and Neptune and occultations with Mercury and Uranus. Sense the ingresses of Venus into Taurus and Mercury into Pisces. Generally positive planetary aspects line this 'avenue' to a difficult eclipse at the very start of Monday.

Each astrological event over the next three days 'fine tunes' our destiny in cosmic preparation for the coming eclipse. Jupiter makes a waxing trine Saturn GMT. This is the 1st of 5 such aspects. This is a really good aspect inducing all sorts of positive reforming developments within society and within the global community over the next 2 years. This one attempts to clear and open minds. New ideas may emerge, take a chance.

A plethora of astrological ripples occur during the first quarter of this pre-eclipse day GMT. Moon conjuncts Mercury at 29 degrees Aquarius within 1. This is an occultation visible from the Antarctic at GMT, the 2nd of 4 this year. The main world news yesterday was centered on Zimbabwe. Four representatives of Zimbabwe's main opposition party were arrested as they tried to leave the country, including one who was badly beaten,.

The US decided to have contact with some ministers in the new Palestinian national unity government. At least three students were killed in an attack on an Islamic school in southern Thailand. Partial solar eclipse at 28 degrees Pisces GMT. The first solar eclipse of occurs at the Moon's ascending node in Pisces and is visible from eastern Asia and parts of northern Alaska.

Greatest eclipse takes place at UT when the eclipse magnitude will reach 0. The penumbral contact times with Earth are listed below. This event is the 20th partial eclipse of Saros series After one more partial eclipse, the series will produce its first total solar eclipse on Apr. The first eclipse in this 'family of eclipses occurred on Aug.

The chart above is set for this time at London. An animated view of Saros can be seen here. This eclipse is potentially very difficult being tightly square to Pluto. The experience could be regarded as a 'difficult birth'. The young Saros series it belongs to however is generally positive. What ever befalls at this time may well in the long run work out for the best. Yesterday's partial solar eclipse taken with India gate in foreground. A methane explosion at a coal mine in Siberia has killed at least 61 people, Russian officials say.

They said 88 miners, several of them injured, had been rescued after the blast at the Ulyanovskaya mine in the Kemerovo region. The officials said at least miners were underground at the time of the blast. Dozens still remain trapped. President Bush says it will take months to bring stability to Iraq, as the war enters its fifth year.

An international team of mathematicians has detailed a vast complex numerical "structure" which was invented more than a century ago. Mapping the dimensional structure, called E8, took four years of work and produced more data than the Human Genome Project, researchers said. Despite this Mars is opposing Saturn and drawing to his conjunction with Neptune in five days time.

More than 50 people were killed in fierce fighting between rival militants in Pakistan.. A genetically modified GM strain of malaria-resistant mosquito has been created that is better able to survive than disease-carrying insects. At that moment the Sun is about to rise at Calcutta. The Sun sets at Guatamala. Pluto rises at Zagreb. Jupiter rises at Venice. Neptune, Mars and Saturn planetary lines straddle the Iran Afghan border. The young Aries Moon applies in fiery trine to Pluto. This equinox is a spirited and optimistic affair.

The moment is youthful and energetic. Hard work and trouble may lie ahead but they will be met with courage and fortitude. This combination of the Moon and Venus in Taurus can be especially gentle if allowed. However as the day follows through the harsh opposition of Mars and Saturn which peaks tomorrow gains the upper hand. The gentleness is short lived.

This waxing crescent Moon locks into yet another planetary quadrilateral today involving Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Neptune. The peaking climax of this planetary pattern occurs around GMT. Yesterday UN chief Ban Ki-moon was shaken but unhurt as a live news conference in Baghdad was rocked by a mortar attack.

Jamaican police questioned Pakistan's entire cricket squad over the shock death of coach Bob Woolmer. There has been heavy shooting in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, between the opposition leader's guards and the army. Six-nation talks on North Korea's nuclear programme have ended without progress after its chief negotiator flew home amid a row over money. A leading Zimbabwean cleric said on Thursday he was ready to face bullets in the street amid international condemnation of Robert Mugabe's regime and fears of a renewed wave of repression.

The next two days are astrologically energetic. This is a good day to communicate and keep on the move. There may be lots to talk about. A real buzz of energy may well be perceived. The major astrological factor right now as we pull out of the current eclipse season is a close conjunction of Mars and Neptune in Aquarius on Sunday. There is vision, direction, motion and calling in this astrological wave.

High ideals couple with dynamism. It should be an interesting weekend. The waxing and decelerating crescent Moon in Gemini today forms a mystic rectangle with Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Neptune. The peak of this energy 'burst' is around GMT. All day long the astrological energy associated with tomorrow's planetary conjunction of Mars and Neptune intensifies.

An earthquake of magnitude 7. Meanwhile, two quakes - measured at 7. There were no reports of damage or casualties. The larger quake struck at GMT Sunday, and was followed 28 minutes later by the magnitude 6. Both were centred km miles south-east of the capital, Port Vila. At least people have been killed in gun battles between government troops and militiamen in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital, Kinshasa. Leaders from the 27 EU nations adopt a declaration calling for institutional reforms within two years. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday it is important for Israel and the Palestinians to establish a "common agenda" to move forward on creating a Palestinian state.

The Pakistani cricket team arrived in London on Sunday after being permitted to leave Jamaica following further questioning of individual members about the death of coach Bob Woolmer. We are now coming to the end of the current eclipse season. The Moon today waxing past first quarter is decelerating in Cancer. She trines Uranus and is void at GMT for the following 27 hours. No sooner is the Mars Neptune conjunction which was exact yesterday over, that another planetary conjunction starts to bite. Mercury is within 8 degrees of Uranus and closing.

This conjunction occurs on April 1st. The week ahead sees the Moon waxing to the Full. There is a lunar occultation of Saturn on Thursday, and a lunar occultation of the star Regulus on Friday. Britain and Iraq are increasing pressure on Iran to release 15 British sailors and marines seized in what Tehran insists were its territorial waters.

Northern Ireland's major Protestant and Catholic parties yesterday hailed a deal to form a power-sharing government as a "new era of politics" to end three decades of sectarian conflict in the British province. Aftershocks jolted the west coast of central Japan on Monday, keeping residents on edge a day after a strong earthquake killed one person, injured nearly and flattened homes. The Sun and Moon are then both in fire signs together with Saturn and Jupiter.

Up to people may have been killed in last week's clashes in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital, Kinshasa, European Union diplomats say.

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Insurgents yesterday blew up two trucks in the northern Iraqi town of Talafar, killing 48 people and injuring The UK government is trying to "discreetly talk" to Iran about the seizure of 15 navy personnel,. Today the Moon decelerates and waxes in Leo, applying all day towards occultations with Saturn tomorrow and with Regulus on Friday. A captured British female sailor was shown on Iranian state TV saying "we trespassed" in Iran's waters.

At least 70 Sunnis were yesterday shot dead in a north Iraqi town, in apparent reprisal for bombings in a Shia area. Zimbabwe's main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai was detained in a raid on his headquarters, his party says. A petrol tanker explosion has killed at least 98 people in a remote village in north-western Nigeria. An odd, six-sided, honeycomb-shaped feature circling the entire north pole of Saturn has captured the interest of scientists with NASA's Cassini mission.

NASA's Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft imaged the feature over two decades ago. The fact that it has appeared in Cassini images indicates that it is a long-lived feature. A second hexagon, significantly darker than the brighter historical feature, is also visible in the Cassini pictures. The spacecraft's visual and infrared mapping spectrometer is the first instrument to capture the entire hexagon feature in one image.

Zodiacal conjunction GMT at 19 degrees Leo. This is seen as a lunar occultation of Saturn from northern Scotland and Norway. The astrology of this day in keeping with current news stories indicate troublesome times. Mercury is rapidly drawing to a conjunction with Uranus in Pisces which peaks on Sunday. This conjunction adds more than a touch of 'the unexpected' to the power of the coming Full Moon.

The US Senate yesterday backed a March date to withdraw troops from Iraq, defying a presidential veto threat. Iran may delay its plan to release the only woman among 15 captured Royal Navy crew because of the UK's "incorrect attitude", an official has said. There is a Lunar occultation visible from the UK of Regulus approx.

The Moon immediately enters Virgo. There are three astrological events about to take place, the first is the conjunction of Mercury and Uranus which peaks on Sunday and the second is an nuastere square aspect between Venus and Saturn first thing on Monday morning and the third is the approach of a dynamic and richly eventful Full Moon on Monday.

The weekend ahead is dominated by these three 'waves'. April April starts with Mercury aligning to Uranus on the 1st of the month, the Moon aligning to Uranus on April 14th and ends with Mars aligning even more tightly to Uranus on the 29th. The month is astrologically dynamic and largely positive with several helpful and inspiring planetary pictures.

There are also more challenging T-squares both in Fixed and Mutable signs at the month's end. The month commences with the Moon nearly full, and a 'trapezoidal planetary pattern' in sway involving Venus, Saturn, Mercury conjunct Uranus, and Jupiter. This dissolves by the 5th, only to be replaced with a mighty strong and benevolent Saturn, Jupiter, Sun in fiery grand trine. Peaking on the 8th, the grand trine then orientates itself more strongly onto the Saturn Neptune opposition morphing to a Kite planetary pattern by the 12th.

As the wave breaks the Moon draws Jupiter and Saturn to fiery grand trine briefly on the 16th, the day before a good New Moon. It is then the time of Mercury to complete a fiery Grand trine with Jupiter and Saturn on the 22nd. A mutable T-square then follows peaking on the 25th and tightening to a grand mutable cross with the Moon towards midnight GMT at the end of April 27th.

The month ends harshly and electrically with Mars aligning to Uranus squaring a Jupiter Venus opposition in fixed signs. Jupiter is ligamentous and muscular while Saturn is calciferous and structural. Jupiter is inclusive and embracing while Saturn is exclusive and segregating. Saturn imposes boundaries, walls, rules and regulations. Saturn forces us to confront our fears and Jupiter impels us to claim our wisdom. Saturn demonstrates and validates by concretizing in form that which Jupiter expands to embrace. Jupiter expounds upon and mobilizes what Saturn consolidates and solidifies.

Jupiter tends to magnify the limitations Saturn imposes and stimulates the expansion of new growth upon the established structures Saturn solidifies. In so doing, these year cycles create the rhythmic breath of societal development. The last few years of through creates the ending of an era on Earth, with a new era starting to emerge in The completion of the previous cycle, and new cycle to emerge in are of exceptional significance because they occur at the primary reset created by their synods with Pluto.

The Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunctions, and the new synodic cycles all occurring in , engage a significantly new evolutionary energetic for all of humanity. Synod locations and star alignments are listed below. The Jupiter-Saturn synod occurs at the location of Pluto in the U. This will surely have significant influence for the U. This also occurs as the the U. The Jupiter-Uranus synodic square occurs on February 1, , with one geocentric square occurring on January 17, The Saturn-Uranus synodic square occurs on October 19, , with three geocentric squares occurring on February 17, June 14, with Ceres conjoining Uranus , and with the final square occuring on December 24, These are extremely significant in and of themselves but also because as these transitions occur in the very start of the new Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto cycles.

The Saturn-Uranus year cycle began in conjoining the Gate of God in Sagittarius , occuring along with the start of the new Saturn-Neptune The Uranus-Neptune year cycle began shortly after, in , all of which formed a compounded energetic contributing to the formation of the public internet, as well as the radical and unexpected and dramatic sociopolitical changes in Russia. Saturn-Uranus cycles, in part, impel radical progressive change to existing societal structures.

They are also are about disruptive concretized practical actionable discoveries, especially in technology. This Saturn-Uranus cycle continues through July 20, There were two Jupiter-Uranus cycles since the start of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle. The first cycle began on March 28, This cycle continues through March 14, , when a third cycle then begins. Generally, the resonances of expansive and mobilizing Jupiter and those of forward-orientated Uranus synthesize quite well and produce a fulfilling and beneficent outcome.

They stimulate optimism and faith in the future and opportunity for development and expansion. Jupiter tends to magnify that which it aligns with. Jupiter-Uranus cycles, nesting in the Saturn-Uranus cycles, mobilize and expand upon the radical changes already occurring in societal structures and bring advancement and progressive development in applied discoveries impelled by the Saturn-Uranus cycles.

Jupiter-Uranus cycles are also supportive of expansive awareness and embracing new realms of consciousness. All these are interactive cycles. It is most certain to say that new disruptive technologies not exclusive to but certainly including the internet and associated technologies will begin to avalanche throughout the turn of this decade that will create radical change in sociopolitics and in the nature of economics and currencies.

This can already be seen in the development of the IPv6 next-generation internet 1 , decentralized computing networks like Dweb P2P Websites 2 , Quantum Computing 3 , and in the application of an incorruptible economic layer to the current internet using Blockchain, Tangle, and the more advanced Hashgraph "Distributed Ledger Technologies" 4.

These technologies make possible cryptocurrencies—secure cross-border, peer-to-peer and micro economic transactions without dispersing resources and giving control to third party banks, corporations and government bureaucracies—and which, along with eventual advances in computer and communications technologies, will avalanche into the formation of an entirely new sociopolitical-economic-technological paradigm, surely to emerge throughout the s.

The phrase "disruptive technology" refers to new technological developments that obsolete existing technologies; i. Distributed Ledger Technologies are being applied in many areas in addition to payment processing and money transfers. For example, it is being applied to medical data, which keeps it impervious to security breaches and makes the data easily accessible to patients and researchers. It basically gives people ownerships and control over their own identities and information, how they use and manage it, rather than requiring third parties to control it. Thus it can be used in a variety of industries, such as education, technological research and development, distribution of food and natural resources, protection from identity theft, inventory control in business and commerce, digital voting—any area requiring secure, efficient and instantaneous data transfer.

These emerging technologies will decentralize the internet, resulting in a societal transformation similar to that which occurred with the introduction of the World Wide Web in the early s. The disruption of our old world paradigm and the birthing of a new is at hand. Participating as if things are going to continue in the same way will result in wasted efforts, and worse yet, will leave us evolving lives based upon infrastructures that may no longer exist in the very near future.

Another very significant cycle is the Uranus-Eris year synodic cycle, which began in For example, the Jupiter-Uranus and Saturn-Uranus squares mentioned above occuring on the heals of the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunctions occur within the start of this cycle. This suggests radical disruption occurring in sociopolitical, economical and technological areas—disruptive events that will create revolutionary change for human culture.

The significant advancements occurring in commercial space exploration are exemplary. See In the News: Disruptive Tech. A new Jupiter-Uranus A new Saturn-Neptune This is exceptionally significant as it brings to close the Saturn-Neptune cycle that began in , which synthesized with the start of the year Saturn-Uranus cycle. Both of these transitions with further contribute to the energetics forming "The Great Transformation" occurring throughout the s. At one time, Pluto was thought to be the planet that ended the limits of our solar system. It was also considered to be the planet that marked the end of life, with astrologers associating it with death and destruction and something malefic to abhor.

We now know this is not the case, both astronomically and astrologically. With the discovery of Eris and subsequently many more planets in orbits beyond Pluto, we are invited to explore and embody realms of consciousness far more transcendent to that of Pluto—while we are alive. Although Pluto was reclassified, some say demoted, to the Dwarf Planet category, in reality, Pluto was elevated in stature, to be recognized not as a planet merely delineating endings and death, but as a gatekeeper and escort into deeper levels of self-empowerment.

Pluto maintains its eminence associated with nuclear power, but he implores us to realize this nucleus of power is within self, rather than it being something to acquire through dominance and control over others or resources, or worse yet by judging and condemning others. Until realized, Pluto will continue to deconstruct immature and self-destructive behavioral patterns and attitudes that limit us from awakening to the power within.

Pluto teaches us to look within self, rather than outside of self, to find our nuclear core of creative force. Pluto then teaches us to demonstrate the use of that force in ways that empower others and that awaken ourselves to new vistas of human potential, conscious awareness and experience waiting to be realized. More about Pluto. Eris is a feminine warrior archetype that has no fear or hesitation to intervene and expose a greater hidden truth.

Eris abhors, will provoke, and will challenge the assumptions we make about the reality of a situation when based on pretense. Eris provokes change by upsetting the status quo, by upsetting the apple cart, and by arousing and challenging our egoic defenses. Eris will expose clandestine affairs. She opens our eyes to see what is covered by lies, often revealing something deceitful, shameful, ugly, or simply unacceptable behavior often driven from greed or inflated pride. Although Eris can create a disrupting commotion, upsetting our existing, limiting, and antiquated life scenarios, she impels an inner developmental process to expose, mostly to ourselves, false beliefs, views, and judgments about ourselves that motivate our patterns of behavior and limit our evolution.

In doing so, we are left to redefine and reorganize our world view to embrace a far vaster reality—a view more fitting to our rapidly expanding awareness about our world's place in the cosmos, not to mention the several recent archeological discoveries of civilizations dating back more than 10, years and even into the last ice age, which is changing world history as we have know it. The discord Eris creates often results in a positive outcome in the longer term.

Her disruptions can catalyze and result in vital changes in our lives that we would otherwise not initiate on our own, or by impelling us to embark upon new paths forward that lead to more fulfilling outcomes. Eris tends to pierce or crack open our current bubble of perception through which we view and experience the world to see beyond the finite bounds of our current perception, beyond the bounds we place upon ourselves. This "bubble of perception" is literally an energetic encasement around self with an inner reflective surface. Thus, what we call reality is merely an image projected back to us from this surface that separates that which we know from that which we do not know.

This is our "known reality. In terms of physics, this bubble's inner spherical space is referred to as our "near field. As we expand our consciousness, the bounds of this bubble, we are expanding our near field. It is also possible to project our awareness outside of our bubble, sort of like intel-gathering or taking excursions to explore other realms beyond our known reality, both in time and space. Ultimately if we dissolve our bubble of perception, we become boundless beings with omniscient awareness.

More about Eris. The effect of the Pluto-Eris Square, occuring throughout , I suspect will catalyze deeper levels of transformation within the very fabric of human society. This transition occurs with Eris making its transition from sidereal Pisces into sidereal Aries and under the stars of the upright fish of Pisces. Pluto makes passage in late sidereal Sagittarius and under the high-energy accelerating and illuminating stars of Lyra and Aquila.

The synodic heliocentric square occurs with Eris in late Pisces and Pluto in late Sagittarius. This stellar placement, perhaps one of the most progressively disruptive, suggests it may be catalyst for tremendous accomplishment and attainment away from the the establish evolutionary modalities of the past. The extreme acceleration of new progressive disruptive developments may have tremendous illuminating psychological repercussions.

Realizations about the ramifications of these disruptive accomplishments may aid to initiate a total make-over of human society. It would extend into every facet of human culture and society, and into technologies associated with energy production. These developments may directly influence the disruption of the control of resources and the monetary system itself.

Autonomous ownership and decentralized control of resources would make fundamental resources equally available to all people globally. The heliocentric square, demarcating the actual transition in the Pluto-Eris cycle occurs in August of , and with the two planets remaining in three degree orb throughout Pluto and Eris entered a three degree orb to their heliocentric square in There are several exact geocentric conjunctions that extend from January through , and with a long-standing exact conjunction occurring throughout the second half of Excerpt from the March 6, Lunar Planner In March of , Pluto and Eris approach a one degree orb to their exact geocentric square.

This occurs as Ketu precesses from sidereal Capricorn into late sidereal Sagittarius. This kicks off a several month period impelling accelerated change. Saturn joins the planetary configuration in late April during its retrograde station conjoining Ketu. Jupiter and Saturn will continue to maintain a tight aspect with the Lunar Nodes through September of due to their retrogrades.

The Lunar Nodes aspect with the Pluto-Eris square, occurring in March of demarcates just the beginning of the longer-term Pluto-Eris square and its influence for humanity.

The geocentric conjunctions can be seen in the , and graphic ephemerides. The continued effect of Pluto-Eris square along with the other planetary transitions presented above significantly contributes to "The Great Transformation. Ketu's movement into Sagittarius conjoining Pluto and Chariklo impels us to discard, give away or flush away all that is antiquated, all that is clutter, that which obscures and keeps us from living our highest ideals, dreams and aspirations, and all that we give our power away to, and that keeps us from claiming the core power within self.

The Pluto-Chariklo-Ketu synthesis also impels us to elevate how we use our personal power, and power in the world, to create an energetic environment that is healing and that supports to the nourishment and development of the unique attributes inherent to our selves, to our young, and to humankind. This is a theme that will extend throughout the several months ahead. This exceptionally dynamic First Quarter Moon kicks off this event. The Ketu-Pluto conjunction and the Lunar Nodes T-Square to Eris not only influences what is occurring within ourselves, but it also provides impetus to discard or retire the antiquated Plutonian expression in the world, which is one of dominance and control over others and over resources, and in the very oligarchies functioning in such a capacity.

Pluto also relates to behavioral patterns about how we use resources to generate power. This is why Pluto is associated with nuclear, atomic, and petroleum based power. Thus, the Ketu-Pluto conjunction also provides impetus to relinquish the antiquated ways that we generate power and what we do with it, also impelling us to discard how we destructively use the power we generate from resources to dominate and control.

It as well demarcates the transition from the use of petroleum and nuclear power which require the destruction of resources to generate those forms of power to forms that are life-supportive, regenerative, and renewable. The Lunar Nodes Eris T-Square also indicates disclosures, exposures, and disruptions in the old Plutonian paradigm, which would ultimately aid in this transition.

Although the Lunar Nodes' aspect with the Pluto-Eris square extends for a few months in , keep in mind that the Pluto-Eris square is just beginning—extending through Excerpt from the April 5, Lunar Planner The First Quarter Moon of each lunar cycle draws an external stimulus to initiate action as we move from the inspirational quarter of the lunar cycle into the action quarter. This is an exceptionally dynamic and stimulating First Quarter Moon, which occurs on April 12 in late sidereal Gemini.

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Jupiter, also aspecting, conjoins the sting of the Scorpion in late sidereal Scorpio, which lies opposite Juno, asteroid of covenants in relations. Also aspecting are Mercury and Sedna, which form a Yod to Haumea. Rahu's entry into sidereal Gemini delineates a "path of action," that impels exploration into new ways of interaction and intercommunication that leads to and supports our personal growth and wellbeing, and that cultivates new ways of human cooperation and exchange in society, business, commerce, and international affairs.

It brings emphasis to people and groups of a diverse interest and heritage, to public relations and negotiations, and to liaisons. It impels action to link or re-link individuals or groups together for concerted efforts that can serve a purpose far greater than the separate parties can accomplish alone.

Here we find motivation for the coordination and exchange of information between individuals or separate groups, and the restructuring of relations for new ventures that serve the betterment of humankind. The entire Saturn retrograde occurring in and the new It demands we take the responsibility to relinquish antiquated behavioral patterns, belief structures and crystallizations in consciousness, and to spiritualize and elevate our efforts to establish new foundations, organizations and systems in our lives that will support a new societal modality emerging throughout the decade ahead.

The Saturn retrograde occurs entirely in Sagittarius. Saturn remains in Sagittarius through its conjunction with Pluto in late Sagittarius and will enter Capricorn, its domain, in early February of Saturn is peregrine in Sagittarius, meaning that it is merely a visitor passing through an energetic environment where it does not have any specific level of authority. It is neither overly empowered nor is it diminished in any way.

It is however subject to the rule of Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius.

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This means that Saturn is under the influence of Jupiter, which is of higher wisdom, movement and expansion. Thus Saturn's opportunity is to learn from Jupiter and elevate its expression, and now, conjoining Ketu, it is impelled to relinquish its antiquated ways of behavior. Thus, this dynamic applies to all that is associated with Saturn in our lives and in society; e. During the time of Saturn's initial visit into Sagittarius, Jupiter is off visiting a foreign land, Scorpio, with a different ruler, which is another story not pertinent here.

Jupiter does not retrograde in Sagittarius, but rapidly moves to its conjunction with Pluto in late Sagittarius, and soon afterward, to its conjunction with Saturn, which occurs in This conjunction and the ensuing new Jupiter-Saturn year cycle, occurs in Capricorn, the land where Saturn rules, and where Jupiter will then be visiting. This is when the tables turn, or shall I say, when the Tablet of Destinies is passed from Jupiter to Saturn.

The point of significance throughout is that the inner work we do during Saturn's retrograde and also during Jupiter and Pluto retrogrades is of utmost importance. The reason for this is because the inner transformations we make throughout directly effect how we will experience Saturn's expression in our lives when it returns to its place of rulership, Capricorn, which occurs from February 3, through January 27, —during the first few years after the transition created by the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto synthesis and as we enter the new cycles created by these three planets in the following decade.

Mars rules Aries and Scorpio. Mars functions in its masculine expression in Aries and in its feminine expression in Scorpio. We also look at the rulership of Saturn in the houses for If, for example, you have an Aries ascendent defining your first house , then the Ketu-Saturn conjunction transits the 9th house Sag and Rahu transits your 3rd house Gemini.

In this case, Saturn's rulership occurs in the 10th Capricorn and 11th Aquarius houses. If you have a Taurus ascendent, then the Ketu-Saturn conjunction transits the 8th Sag house and Rahu transits your 2nd house Gemini. Saturn's rulership occurs in the 9th Capricorn and 10th Aquarius houses—and so on. This applies to Whole Houses where each sidereal sign defines each house; e. Also consider Ketu and Rahu transits to any natal planets in their associated houses.

You can also consider where your are in your This in no way means that these areas of your life are being destroyed, it means areas of life where there is impetus to claim the wisdom from previous modes of participation. The house that Rahu transits determines where there is impetus to explore new possibilities and where to engage in new experience to serve your greater growth and life purpose.