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For the astronomical constellation, see Capricornus. Capricorn and Aquarius.

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Sun enters Scorpio

But the moth, fluttering in a whirlwind of secular pleasures? Financial hopelessness? In no case. Fortunately, the old Capricorn is able to give you more solidity. Of course, sometimes you can let things go on their own, just like any other person, but this requires a good reason. Work for you is very important, and you have enough determination and perseverance to achieve any goal you set.

Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

Leo is concerned with well-being, and Capricorn — with a position and prestige. Therefore, you are a kind of climber climbing up the social ladder, driven by his ambitions. You seem cold and collected, but behind this lies a big and kind heart. You are not open to everyone, but only to someone who is worth it.

You are a sincere person and always keep your word. It is sometimes difficult for people to understand you, but if they succeed, they certainly will not be disappointed. You have a strong will, but you are also able to change the direction of your aspirations.

Sister Signs | Astrology Explained on We Heart It

You can forgive, but never forget evil. Probably, you have many brothers and sisters, and there is a rivalry between you. Your father may feel displeased with you and fix all kinds of obstacles, especially in connection with your marriage. The strength of your character and ambition will allow you to achieve much in life, but you will often experience depression. You are a snob, easily attracted by the outward gloss and will go all out to have powerful and charming friends. You choose a life partner, guided by the same principles, and you can easily marry by calculation or, more likely, in marriages of convenience.

A sense of proportion always brings you — everything is either brilliant or awful. Before you reveal yourself to a person, you carefully check his character.

You do not want to make friends among people standing below you on the public staircase. Although you yourself are faithful to those you love, you will rather tolerate treason silently than allow this fact, if it is made public, to destroy your image in society.

Your Ascendant is Capricorn

Some of those who are born under this combination of signs are opposed to marriage, and others marry early and repeatedly. In any case, love relationships are subject to many changes, mainly as a result of the intervention of other people. If you marry twice, one of your spouses will bring you material prosperity. Your spouse will have a significant impact on your career and may serve as an obstacle to one of your main goals.